The Visitation and Magnificat: These gospel passages remind us of what we might call “God’s spirituality”: a spirituality which turns the conventional values of the world upside-down.

Although Mary is pregnant herself, she journeys to be with her cousin in her pregnancy; she looks and acts beyond her own small perspective.

  • She praises a God who is concerned with the poor, who raises up the lowly.
  • She proclaims a God who does not have a preference for the proud or rich.
  • She rejoices in a God who does not focus on the power of the mighty.
  • She centers herself in a God who focuses on mercy and compassion.

The spirituality of Mary invites us to the values of Catholic Social Teaching: concern for the poor, solidarity with all people, a preference for the ways of nonviolence rather than military might, forgiveness and reconciliation rather than domination and manipulation.


Reflection Resource: A Pilgrimage with Mary –This two-page reflection resource features images of Mary from four countries: Mexico, Poland, Algeria, and Vietnam. The resource encourages readers to take a “pilgrimage” with Mary during the month of May to nurture solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world in this season of renewal and hope. The resource is also available in Spanish.

Reflection Resource: Marian Reflection: Journey to Hope –This  two-page resource offers a reflection on the courage of Mary’s ‘yes’.   The reflection centers on courage which is so needed in living the Christian life today.   This resource includes reflection, questions, and guided meditation process.