We Seek Justice Doing Justice

Nothing is more important in these times than to be still and to put ourselves in the presence of God. We must reflect on the fact that we are all part of the human family. "May God grant the...

Just War Theory and Nonviolence: Two Strands in the Catholic Social Tradition Related to War and Peace

There are two strands in the Catholic social tradition related to war and peace. Both share the presumption against the use of force as a means for settling disputes. Within that presumption, one,...

Prayer for Women

This simple prayer asks God to help us listen to the voices of all women with respect and attention.  

Racism: Readings and Questions

This reflection includes readings by the Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, Illinois and the Catholic Bishops of Chicago, Illinois, along with discussion questions.

Women's Rights

This unit on women's rights contains the following materials: prayers and reflections, fact sheets, excerpts from Pope John Paul II's Letter to Women, a women's rights timeline, and case studies on...

Catholic Social Teaching, the United Nations, and Human Rights Timeline

The Church's emphasis on human rights arises from its concern for the dignity of every human person. All of the Church's pronouncements on rights emphasize this dignity. This timeline activity is...

Debt Unit

This unit on debt features the following materials: prayers and reflections, a brief history of the global debt crisis, an overview of CST and the debt crisis, a Post-Jubilee update, a case study of...

Racism Unit

This unit on racism features the following materials: prayers and reflections, several racism quizes, case studies of racism in the U.S. and around the world, a fact sheet on the World Conference...