Advent Poetry Companion

| December 3, 2008

This 19-page companion provides poems that can enrich and deepen your reflections on the meaning of this liturgical season. The prayers and liturgical readings of the Advent season are rich in meaning, symbolism, and prophetic themes. Poetry provides a beautiful way to explore and express these themes and probe more deeply the mystery of the incarnation.

Because of the large file size, files may take time to load. For this reason, the resource is printable in three parts:

  • Advent Poetry Companion – Part One: introduction, how to pray with poetry, pages 1-6.
  • Advent Poetry Companion – Part Two: pages 7-12.
  • Advent Poetry Companion – Part Three: pages 13-19
  • Advent Poetry Companion – Complete see “get resource” below
    Please note this file is large and may take time to load: 526kb.

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