Backgrounder w/ Activities: Biblical Foundations of Justice

, , , , , | | February 13, 2007

The call to be people of justice is part of God’s ongoing revelation in scripture. This background resource with activities is designed to lay the groundwork for understanding the biblical foundations of justice. It is meant to provide an overview in broad strokes so that a proper framework informs the ongoing struggle for justice by people of faith. This 10-page resource includes the following:

  • Handout One: Summary on the biblical foundations of justice
  • Handout Two: The Biblical Foundation of Justice Chart
  • Handout Three: Two types of Covenants found in the Old Testament
  • Scripture Activity: Covenants in Scripture
  • Writing Activity: Promises Kept, Promises Broken
  • Scripture Activity: Prophets in Scripture
  • Scripture Activity: Jesus and Discipleship in Scripture
  • Answer Key & Bibliography

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