Service, Part 2: Surrounded by the Faces of God

| September 28, 2005

“Surrounded by the Faces of God” is the second reflection/activity in our Service and Justice series. It focuses on helping students who perform service to see the faces of God and the dignity of the human person in the people all around them – and to be critical of unjust structures that might cause their dignity to be challenged.

This is the second of an eight-part series. For Part 2: click on “Get Resource” below. To go to another resource follow the links below.

Part 1: Rooted and Grounded in Love

Part 3: Our Lives as Service

Part 4: Struggling against Structural Sin

Part 5: Accepting Responsibility for Each Other

Part 6: Called to Faith, Committed to Justice

Part 7: Understanding Justice

Part 8: Faith in Action

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