A Theology of Power: Part One

| | August 25, 2010

This series offers a theology that moves beyond a dualism of good versus evil.  In a broken world, it is the Incarnation of God in the person of Jesus that is “a rescue and redemption operation, a mission to set things right.”  The dynamics and uses of power are explored from a variety of perspectives. An exploration of biblical justice is presented in the series in this context of “rescue and redemption.”  Following this exploration, a consideration of the social teachings of the Church that address the power that dehumanizes is explored, through the principle elements of Catholic social teaching, such as Solidarity, Option for the Poor, the Common Good, etc.

  • Part One looks at foundational definitions of power and explores some images and shared connotations around power’s uses and misuses.  Reflection questions are included for personal or group use.

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