Sample Materials

Video: The Holy Family's Migration Journey

This guided imaginative prayer invites you to enter into the nativity story from the perspective of the Holy Family and their migration journey. Explore how this 2,000-year-old story ties to issues...

Service and the Pastoral Circle

This simple activity uses the four moments of the Pastoral Circle (experience, analysis, reflection, and action) to guide service experiences.  

Prayer for Families at the Border

We pray to end the tragic, terrible nightmare of children ripped from their parents embrace at the U.S./Mexico border.  

Pentecost Toolbox

This collection of prayers celebrates the power and movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Prayer for Pentecost (English & Spanish) Spirit of God (English & Spanish) Breath of God,...

Reflection: Catholic Social Thought and Human Dignity

In this reflection, Fr. Kammer discusses the foundational principle in Catholic social thought on the dignity of the human person. Reflection questions and a prayer are included.
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Film Discussion Guide: Voces Inocentes (Innocent Voices)

Film Discussion Guide
This striking movie tells the true story of a young boy in El Salvador who, during the country’s civil war, must choose between joining the military or the rebels. A synopsis, connections to CST...

Reflection: The Marrakesh Declaration

In light of the increasing violence in the Muslim World, the Marrakesh Declaration was written to promote peace among all people, regardless of their religion. This reflection outlines the basic...

Bulletin Insert: Care for Our Common Home

Bulletin Insert
This bulletin insert/handout includes quotes from encyclicals on the environment, ways to celebrate Earth Day, reflection questions, and Pope Francis’s Christian Prayer in Union with...

Litany: Remembering Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

Father Pedro Arrupe, S.J., a great missionary, a man on fire promoted compassion through structural change. He was a pioneer in urging the combination of pastoral concern, biblical reflection, and...

Prayer Service: In A Time of Community Distress

Prayer Service
In a time of misunderstanding, racism, and violence, we turn to a psalm of lament to help us call for God’s mercy on all of us, just as he rained down manna in the wilderness.  Our vocation as...