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Sentenced Home

Film Discussion Guide
This documentary follows the journey of three young Cambodian-American refugees who find themselves entangled in a web built from a tragic past and an uncertain future. Included in this resource are:...
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Care of Our Common Home

This litany touches on many issues that affect all of us in our common home and invites each of us to act on behalf of the poorest in our global society.

Pope Francis’s 2016 World Day of Migrants and Refugees Message

Prayer Service
This prayer service, entitled “Migrants and Refugees Challenge Us: The Response of the Gospel of Mercy,” uses words from Pope Francis’s message with a response that is meant to stir us into...

Mediterranean Sea: A Growing Graveyard for Migrants

Prayer Service
This longer prayer service educates people of faith about the horrific plight of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. It lays out our Church's response to their quest for a life of...

Prayer Service: A Global Response to the Refugee Crisis

Prayer Service
The Holy Family were refugees when they fled King Herod's wrath. The service includes quotes from Catholic Social Teaching and a prayer from Pope Francis.  

Pope Francis’ Prayer to Our Blessed Mother for Migrants

Pope Francis offered this prayer to Our Mother of Migrants, asking Mary to protect her lost and wandering children as they seek rest, welcome, refuge, and peace.  
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Prayer for Asylum Seekers

In this short prayer, we call on God to watch over refugees and asylum seekers: those separated from their loved ones, those who are lost, and those who have been exiled from their homes.  
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Prayer for Missing Children

May 25 is Missing Children's Day, and this prayer asks that parents of missing children and the children lost on refugee trails and separated from parents in conflict zones, will all know hope and...

Pax Christi International: Crisis in Syria

This resource highlights the problems related to Syria and those affected by the war. It also calls people of faith to become engaged in learning about the situation so that we can all raise our...

Boko Haram: Nearing the Gates of Chad

Prayer Service
In the prayer service for the victims of Boko Haram, two Carmelite sisters, who minister to those displaced by the violence that this group has caused, invite us to see more clearly what these...

Pope Francis Responds to Migrants with “Courage and Creativity”

Pope Francis, in his message on Migrants and Refugees, reminds us that ours is a church without borders, an open, inclusive church. He calls for courage and prays that we may all “enlarge our...
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Prayer for Migrants (English and Spanish)

With the global community, we pray for those who see home and all it means disappear as they flee violence, injustice, and poverty. We pray for those weary travelers who now live in daily...