Human Dignity of Refugees

June 20th is World Refugee Day. This reflection provides an overview of the plight of refugees and internally displaced persons. As people of faith, we are called to remember that these are women,...

Women Refugees

On June 20th World Refugee Day, the global community gives special attention to the plight of refugees. This prayer calls for healing of women refugees from around the world who search for safety and...

World Refugee Day: A Place to Call Home - (June 20)

Prayer Service
This two-page resource for World Refugee Day (June 20), contains an opening prayer, scripture reading, litany for refugees, signs of hope, and reflections on the reality of refugees today.  

A Timeline on Migration, Labor, and Immigration Laws, Part Three

Lesson Plan
This is the third and final installment of EFJ's lesson plan on the intersection of U.S. policy on immigration and labor. Part three covers from 1975 through 2012.

A Timeline on Migration, Labor, and Immigration Laws, Part Two

Lesson Plan
This four page resource is the second part of a three part lesson plan. This installment looks at the intersection of U.S. policy on immigration and labor from 1900 through 1975.

Food Security: Famine in Somalia

This two page backgrounder provides critical information for understanding the famine in Somalia and surrounding areas. It reviews the region's tendency towards drought, how colonization played a...

Understanding the U.S. Refugee Program

This interactive module explains the basic process of resettlement when a person comes to the United States as a refugee. 

Mapping Migration - An Interactive Look at Peoples on the Move

This series of interactive maps provides an overview of where people are moving to as refugees and asylum seekers.  The map displays sending countries and receiving countries.

Not on Our Watch (Sudan)

  A gripping book on Darfur by John Prendergast and Don Cheadle offers an eye-opening look at what is happening in the region and why. This book discussion guide offers a short synopsis,...

Refugees Seeking a Home-Prayer Service

Prayer Service
World Refugee Day is June 20.  The United Nation's theme for the 2010 World Refugee Day is "They took my home, but they can't take my future."  This print-ready prayer service includes prayers and...


This is the Spanish version of the English unit on Refugees. It includes prayers, fact sheets, a quiz, a CST reflection, discussion questions, and further resources.