Youth Building Peace

This prayer for August 11th, United Nations’ International Youth Day, asks that the Gospel messages of peace and reconciliation fill the hearts and minds of young people around the globe.  

Jesus, Companion of the Trafficked

This prayer commemorates July 30th, the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, and asks Jesus to walk with those who are trafficked and those who work to end modern day slavery.

Prayer for Holy Thursday (English and Spanish)

Creative Voice Dr. Megan McKenna echoes the humility and gratitude celebrated on Holy Thursday with this prayer.
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Never Again! Refusing to be People of Indifference (English and Spanish)

This prayer of action calls on each of us to see God in immigrants, refugees, and orphans, our sisters and brothers.

A Gospel Call: Becoming a Sanctuary People in Today's World (English and Spanish)

This prayer cries out, "Injustice, exclusion, bigotry, never again! Not this time! Amen."

Prayer to the Lord (English and Spanish)

This prayer by Pope Francis asks Mary, the mother of our Lord, to guide us as we “step outside ourselves” and transform the world through mercy and compassionate love.

In Memory of Berta Cáceres (English and Spanish)

Berta Cáceres was murdered in 2016 for her outspoken advocacy as she sought environmental justice for her indigenous people in Honduras; this prayer remembers her sacrifice.

Sanctuary Prayer (English and Spanish)

This prayer, offered in both English and Spanish, is a timely reflection on the growing sanctuary movement, which seeks to protect migrants and refugees from deportation and reminds us of God’s...

Prayer for a New Year (English and Spanish)

This action-centered prayer calls to mind individual passions that must be cultivated to build God’s Kingdom of peace and justice.

Prayer for Interfaith Harmony (English and Spanish)

This prayer reminds us that we are all children of the same Love that created us and asks that we recognize those of other faiths as sisters and brothers.

Visions and Hopes for the New Year – 2017 (English and Spanish)

This annual journaling activity calls for reflection based in gratitude and hope for the flourishing of the global community.
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Prayer to the Holy Family (English and Spanish)

This prayer is offered in both English and Spanish and calls upon the Holy Family of Nazareth to be with all families who suffer from violence, rejection, and division.