“I pray daily that some day our world can hear the appeal that Christ our true liberator makes to each of us to live a more selfsacrificing ife and create a world of fraternal people.” – Sr. Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN

Sister of Notre Dame de Namur Dorothy “Dot” Stang, moved to Brazil 40 years ago to help the poor build independent futures for their families. She was shot to death Saturday, February 12, 2005 in Anapu, Para, a section of Brazil’s Amazon rain forest.

Prayer to Mark this Anniversary:

Loving God, we know the blood of the martyrs are the seeds of the Church. May Sr. Dorothy Stang’s life as well as her death become seeds of a new and deeper understanding in us of social justice. May her voice for the poor and for your Creation continue to be heard, and may we join in the chorus. Like Sr. Dorothy, may our love become greater than our fear, and may we moved to a deeper commitment to learn about the injustices in this world so we can become more effective in working toward the Reign of God. May Sr. Dorothy Stang rest in peace and may her work not be forgotten. Amen.

 Education for Justice resources to mark the anniversary of Dorothy Stang:

Other resource on the life of Dorothy Stang:

  • DVD: The Student, The Nun, and the AmazonThe Student, the Nun & the Amazon is a film about the work of Sister Dorothy made shortly before her death. The law of the jungle prevails and life is cheap. Journey with Sam as he discovers the issues surrounding her tragic murder, and meet the community she fought to protect and empower. Be inspired by her courage and compassion.