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Dignity of Work Toolbox

This toolbox is a compilation of resources pertaining to the CST theme of the dignity of work and the rights of workers.

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Artistic Reflection: Honoring the Dignity of all Workers

Book Discussion Guide: Fordlandia

Film Discussion Guide: DREAM ON

Film Discussion Guide: How Capitalism is Killing Itself

Film Discussion Guide: Triangle: Remembering the Fire

Fact Sheet: The U.S. Church’s Commitment to Workers 

Litany for Living Wages

Prayer for Labor Day

Prayer for Miners

Prayer for Unions

Prayer for Migrant Domestic Workers

Prayer for Women Workers 

Prayer Service: Embracing Peter Maurin’s Vision of Justice and Equality

Prayer Service: Workers’ Rights: Rooted in Gospel Dignity and Solidarity

Reflection: Bread and Roses Strike of 1912

Reflection: Catholic Social Thought and Canaries in the Coal Mine

Reflection: Catholic Social Thought and Unions

Reflection: Catholic Social Thought and Wages

Reflection: From Rerum Novarum to the Modern World: On the Conditions of Labor Today

Reflection: Placing Work and Workers at the Center of Economic Life 

Reflection: The Spirituality of Work: On the Condition of Labor

Unit: Workers’ Right to a Living Wage

Type of content: Toolbox
Principles and Topics: Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers