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Litany for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina

By: Education for Justice

Lord of Compassion,

We pray for all those whose lives have been changed forever by Hurricane Katrina.

For the broken mother in New Orleans who had to choose which members of her family could go into a small rescue boat and who had to be left behind on a rooftop;

And for all the mothers in the devastated areas whose hearts are broken by their families' sufferings,

Have Mercy, O Lord.

For the elderly couple who lost their home in Mississippi, only to find out that each of their children's homes were also destroyed;

And for all families who lost their homes,

Have Mercy, O Lord.

For the children in Gulfport, who were waiting for their father to join them at a safer site after he called to tell them he was on his way, and who are still waiting to hear what happened to him;

And for all those whose loved ones are missing and unaccounted for,

Have Mercy, O Lord.

For the son in New Orleans who helped his disabled mother to the attic of their house only to see her disappear in the rising water;

And for all those who saw loved ones perish,

Have Mercy, O Lord.

For the tens of thousands of people in poverty who could not leave the region because they had no car, no money, and no place to go,

And for all the people who are now refugees without enough food, water and basic supplies,

Have Mercy, O Lord.

For all those who are and will be assisting the victims of Katrina,

We thank you, O Lord.

For those who are giving in to temptations to profit from tragedy,

Transform their spirits, O Lord.

Help us to respond to the pain of those who are suffering. Help us be generous in providing short-term relief efforts that affirm the dignity of the human person. Help us also support efforts for long-term rebuilding of homes, communities, jobs, and lives through just policies that provide people-centered development. Make us mindful of the need for environmental policies that protect the lands and seas you have created so that all that all the children of God may live in security and peace.


Type of content: Litany
Principles and Topics: Natural Disasters