Human Rights

COVID-19 Pandemic for Native American and First Nations

In this video, Mia Murdock of Red Cloud High School and Rosella Kinoshameg of the Wiikwekoong First Nation are interviewed by Cecilia Calvo of the Office of Justice and Ecology for the Jesuit...

Crossing the Big Divide: Bridging the Income and Wealth Gaps in Our Nation

Fact Sheet & Handout
In this presentation, Sr. Simone Campbell explains race-based income and wealth disparities, the historical causes of these inequalities, and the importance of addressing structural racism in...

Prayer for an Uncertain Beginning to a New Academic Year

Beginning a new school year always brings excitement and challenges; however, starting school in the midst of a pandemic brings a new level of uncertainty and fear for students and teachers. This...

A Lamentation and Prayer for Action Against Racism

This prayer of lamentation mourns Black lives lost due to the sin of racism. We are called to embrace and embody gospel values in order to transform sinful structures of racism and violence.

Easter with an Amazonian Face

Connect with global voices on climate change through Easter with an Amazonian Face, a resource created by the Inter-Religious Working Group on Extractive Industries (IRWGEI). Read reflections on...

Catholic Social Thought and Empowerment

Catholic thought has evolved from just helping people to promoting their empowerment as “artisans of their own destiny." Explore the difference between helping and empowerment in justice work...

A CST Guide to a More Just Future

As people of faith who are called to hope, we can begin to imagine and plan for a better future even in this dark time. Catholic Social Teaching offers guidance as we ponder what kind of new world we...

Migrant Workers' Rights and COVID-19

During COVID19, there has been a great deal of talk regarding essential workers. In many ways, the virus has reminded us of those workers we frequently forget or outright ignore. Learn how COVID-19...

Women's History Month Card

In honor of Women's History Month, print this card template to thank the women who are models for justice in your own life. Use the line at the bottom of the cover to write the name of the person...

100 Days of Prayer: March 1-7

Created by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, 100 Days of Prayer provides daily prayer intentions related to social justice issues and for the most vulnerable members of society. Use the prayers in...

Civil Rights Heroes Prayer Cards

Fact Sheet & Handout
Learn about heroes and activists from the Civil Rights Movement and pray for equity and reconciliation in our world today. These brief biographies are starting points to learn more about the lives of...

Catholic Social Teaching and Human Rights Today: A Prayer

This prayer reminds us of the interconnection between social and economic human rights and asks that every person, created in the image of God, may live fully, develop, and flourish.